Anhidrosis Relief Kit


Product Description:
1 x 10lb Vitamin Mineral Supplement
1 x Devil’s Own Detox
1 x GLF Immune Booster
1 x H.I. oil infusion

Add contents of package to 1 gallon of canola oil and allow it to infuse for 3-5 days. Blend will be determined by whether the horse is competing or not.

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Feeding Instructions:
Administer 30 grams (1oz) Detox daily in the morning feed everyday for 10 days. Add 2 Tablespoons of oil (mixed) to the am feed daily. PM feed: Add 4 oz’s ( 2 measures) daily, 1 full measure of GLF immune booster and 2 tablespoons of oil.
Need to detox every 8 weeks and remain on the GLF immune booster through sweating season (March 1st -Oct. 1st). The Horses will need to remain on the SVMS (Special Vitamin Mineral Supplement) daily.

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