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PSB complex, a scientifically validated, patented product made up of easily available balanced and highly purified nucleotides, is our GLF immune booster.

  • Reduces symptoms and keeps the GI tract in check.
  • Promotes rehabilitation and healing after a sickness or injury.
  • Allergic response symptoms are lessened.
  • Increases endurance and speed of recovery
  • Reduces muscle damage and tiredness by increasing oxygen intake.
  • Senior horses’ vigour and health are improved.
  • Immune health in foals is improved with the use of antibodies and microorganisms.
  • Instructions for feeding: Horses: 30 grammes per day for 10 days as needed, then 10 grammes per day as maintenance.

Foals: 5 grams per day through and post-weaning.

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Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein   46%

Crude Fiber      1.8%

Crude Fat          2.5%

Crude Ash         5.5%

Moisture           6.0%

Lysin                   2.5%

Methionine        0.5%



Yeast (inactivated)

Yeast products


Colza  oil

Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin 0.5%


Feeding Instructions:

Horses 30grams per day for 10 days  as needed


Maintenance dose: 

10 grams per day



5 grams per day through 10 days post-weaning.

We cannot and will not take the place of appropriate veterinary advice or recommended medication.

However, we may be able to offer a viable alternative to veterinary care.

If you have any doubts, contact your veterinarian right away.

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